Welcome To The Little League of The Islips. The 2021 season will mark our 71th year serving our community

Welcome to The Little league of the islips

“Serving the Youth of Our Community Since 1951”

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We would like to thank everyone for their patience. We had an influx of players after the stroke of midnight and had to make several adjustments.

Here is what you need to know:

-All players (except Senior Boys) should know their team by now.

-Games for Players age 9-12 will start April 19.

-Opening Day for Players age 4-12 will be April 25th. 1st session at 10 AM. & 2nd  at 1pm.

-Unfortunately, we will not be having our Opening Day Parade and Ceremony this year due to Covid. However, we will still have a Banner Contest, which will be judged at the field you are playing on, on April 25th. If your team does not have a game you can still be part of the Contest by hanging your banner on your home field. Banners that are bought will NOT be judged.

-Uniforms are being put together by team and will be handed out to your manager shortly. Remember that we did our best to accommodate everyone’s request for sizes but because the sizes we had were from last season it did not always work out exact.

-We will not be having our usual Picture Day at 401 Main this year because of Covid. This year the photographer will be going field to field (on a day you play) once he gets the schedule. Your team may have to show up a little earlier that day. You will be able to purchase your team and/or individual picture thru their website.

-Schedules will be complete no later than 4/3.

-The Concession Stands will be open.

-All state and local Covid rules must be followed.

-All adults must wear a mask and social distance.

-We suggest spectators bring folding chairs and sit behind the outfield fence.

-Players are not required to wear a mask while playing but are allowed to wear one.

-Only 1 person in the restroom at a time. (unless you are with your child) Otherwise we will be forced to lock the restrooms.

-No high fives, fist bumps, hugs, or other contact.

-No chewing gum, sunflowers seeds, or spitting.

-No horseplay – tag, running around, fighting.

-Unless using the restroom or going to the concession stand, spectators should remain at the field in which their family member is playing. If spectators need to walk around, please do so on the outside of the premises and not near the fields and make sure social distance and mask guidelines are followed.

-During games parents must not approach the dugout, bleachers, fields or wherever your child is located. Please ensure your player has everything he/she needs prior to the game or practice.

-Please do not call players involved in a game over to your seats and avoid interacting with them during games. This distracts players from the game, and puts an additional burden on the volunteers in keeping track of their players while also coaching the game. Players and spectators should remain distanced during the games for the protection of everyone present.

-Parents are encouraged to supply their child with wipes or hand sanitizer to use between innings.

-Lastly, between Covid and the High School Sports seasons being rearranged we have a shortage of Umpires at the Minor and Major levels. Any parent that can help in the event an Umpire is not available please let your teams Manager know. You might even consider offering to assist the umpire as a foul line umpire. (There’s a possibility he might have to call the game from behind the pitcher’s mound this year and foul lines are hard to see.) Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all the 9-12 Baseball Players
who came to Evaluation Day. You all did a great job!

And a special thanks to PROGAME ATHLETICS (41 S Saxon Ave. Bay Shore) for hosting the event. If you haven't been there, you should check it out. They're an indoor training facility right in town and even host birthday events.


Our planning process for the 2021 Season will be different, and like you, we’re hoping by Spring things will be relatively back or close to normal.
We know we must follow all local guidelines and employ safety protocols. Please be patient with the Board of Directors, staff and team Managers/Coaches, as we are all volunteers and parents, all trying our best to make this season a reality for our community.   


The complex is maintained by Volunteers!
You can do your part and help by keeping the complex clean and safe.

-Please DO NOT park in the emergency openings along the fence.
-Parking is at your own risk.
-Please make sure your car is locked and windows are up.
-If you double park, leave a field # on the windshield or
cell phone so the person you are blocking can get out.
-No pets allowed.
-If you park on the hill leading down to the complex you
are at risk of being ticketed.

  In the event of bad weather, check the website.
Cancellation/Rescheduling of games will be posted.
(Green Light: Games are ON)
(Red Light: Games/Practices are OFF or STOPPED)

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